Kisses litter

With this combination we were hoping for pups with moderate angulation, nice bone, excellent pigment, breed typical eyes (color & shape) and a good coat. With this male, we hope to improve on muzzle strenght and croup. 

Dillie is our 3rd generation of health tested dogs.

Number of puppies: 4 (1 male, 3 females)

Date of birth: 25th of June 2023

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Drogo (Gizmo) x Never a Dill Moment of Vorkosmia (Dillie)

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COI according to pedigree analysis:
6th generation: 1,4%
10th generation: 5,99%

Gizmo: PL0/0. Eyes: Clear.

Dillie: PL0/0. Eyes: Clear

'Bico' ♂

Bico means kiss in Galician.

Smooch Criminal of Vorkosmia

Born: 20:14h

Weight at birth: 174gr.

Bico is going to live in Germany with Ike (I want to Ride my Icicle of Vorkosmia) from our Ice-litter.


Kyss is kiss in Norwegian and Swedish.

Making Kisstory of Vorkosmia

Born: 21:33h

Weight at birth: 186gr.

Kyssa stays in the Netherlands and her name is now Nakoma.

'Uni' ♀

It's best to focus at one thing at a time. Uni means one.

Don't Lose Fokiss of Vorkosmia

Born: 21:55h

Weight at birth: 178gr.

Uni was supposed to move to the USA, but she sadly broke her leg. We decided it would be best if she'd recover at our place. At the moment everything is still unsure. We don't know how she'll recover, only time will tell. She is the sweetest champion, a real hero.


Nimue is a powerful sorceress.

Hokiss Pokiss of Vorkosmia

Born: 22:08h

Weight at birth: 160gr.

Nimue will stay with us.