Waiting list?

We don't work with a waiting list anymore.

When the pups are 7 weeks old, we will evaluate their personalities and conformation. Based on this, plus our experience with them in the first 7 weeks, we will look for a suitable new family.


A Vorkosmia-pup is €2300,-. We realise this is higher than Norwegian breeders, but our dogs are health tested and we simply have to invest a lot more money before we have a mating (gasoline, hotels, progesteron).


We have no problem exporting a puppy, but we do expect the new owners to pick up the puppy in person. We might be able to bring the pup, but that entirely depends on our own plans.

What can you expect of us and our puppies?

- We excercise our puppies with 'Early Neurological Stimulation' & Early Scent Introduction;

- Intensive controlled socialization: Puppy Culture;

- The puppies will be weaned on a raw food diet;

- The parents of the pups are tested for Patellar Luxation & eye problems;

- They are microchipped;

- ISAG 2006 DNA profile;

- They have had their vaccination (we prefer titer testing, but this isn't always accepted for export puppies);

- The puppies will be dewormed before going to their new owners;

- FCI Pedigree of the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van Beheer);

- Contract, this contract will be available before picking up the pup;

- Puppy packet with a blanket, toys, some food, collar and leash;

- Life time support. You can always ask us for advice about e.g. food, behavior, dog shows and breeding.

- We don't sell a puppy to people who don't live up to our expectations.

We prefer new owners who agree with our way of feeding and caring for our dogs.