Ben & Jerry's litter

Caro-Danne Lundes Kjaerlighet x Lundeklippe Svarri

(6th generation: 0,513%. 10th generation: 7,52%)

Number of puppies: 1 male, 3 females

Date of birth: 10th of July 2015

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'Zion' ♂

Jamaican Me Crazy of Vorkosmia

Born: 12:00h

Weight at birth: 186gr.

Zion will be called Rumian and lives in Poland. He sadly was hit by a car at young age and died.

'Quya' ♀

Bohemian Raspberry of Vorkosmia

Born: 12:10h

Weight at birth: 186gr.

Quya lives in Austria.

'Pomme' ♀

Apple-y Ever After of Vorkosmia

Born: 12:25h

Weight at birth: 170gr.

Pomme lives in Finland.

'Lara' ♀

Berried Treasure of Vorkosmia

Born: 12:38h

Weight at birth: 200gr.

Lara lives on the Falkland Islands.