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25/11/2022: Fryslân Cup (Leeuwarden)

27/11/2022: Dutch Winner Show (Leeuwarden)

28/01/2023: Hond van het Jaar (Dordrecht)

19/03/2023: Holland Cup (Hazerswoude-Dorp)

18-21/05/2023: EDS Herning (Denmark)

23-27/08/2023: WDS Genève (Switzerland)

*not sure yet


Welcome to the website of Lundehund kennel 'of Vorkosmia'.

We are breeders of the Norwegian Lundehund, located in the North of The Netherlands.

On our website you can find information about the Norwegian Lundehund in general, our own Lundehunds, our litter plans, show results etc.

We hope you will enjoy our homepage. If you have questions about the Lundehund, feel free to contact us.

Make sure to look at our page "About Us", to find out how we think about breeding, food and care.